Friday, July 18, 2008

Trading in the City of Washington for the City of God

Mr. JenX and I were remarking on what great "air time" God has received recently on calling two very public, and very publicly faithful, men Home.

We lost Tim Russert on June 13; we lost Tony Snow almost exactly a month later on July 12.

These two men - giants, really, in their professions, were admired, in part, because they were in the public eye. They seemingly had the world at their respective feet. But to me it is remarkable that each is remembered for so much more than what they did for a living (not an easy feat in the political world!).

They are remembered for their beliefs; their kindness; their sense of humor; their love of life; their love of friends, family and God.

The faith that each man lived out daily was well documented. Tim and Tony were the same people with those that loved them as they were with those that... didn't love them as much. That so many, from so many different walks of life, knew of the faith that Russert and Snow both held, is a tremendous testimony to each man, certainly, but also to the Lord they loved.

When God called each one home to Him, Washington saw an openness about faith and the role of God in both our public and our private lives that it hasn't experienced in a long-time. One could even say God generated some good buzz about Himself...

The president concluded his eulogy of his friend, Tony Snow, with “Tony Snow has left the City of Washington for the City of God.” (hat tip: K-Lo), and the same can be said of Tim Russert as well. Though I live in the Washington, D.C. area now, I look forward moving into their neighborhood some day.

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