Monday, May 19, 2008

Clearly a lack of D.C. landmarks

I was on the Web site today of one of my favorite restaurants in the city, Central by Michel Richard. (Stay with me here, this isn't a restaurant review, though I would give it a good one).

Anyway, as I was looking for some information, I noticed something odd -- this Washington, D.C. restaurant has, featured prominently all over it's site, the Statue of Liberty. You know, the one in NEW YORK CITY.

I guess Washington, D.C. doesn't have any recognizable landmarks? I mean, it's not like we have the White House. Or the Lincoln Memorial. Or the Washington Monument. Or the Capitol of the United States of America. Bummer that a restaurant in our city has no landmarks of its own to promote on its Web site.

This is seriously going to bug me until they fix it, but as there is no way to contact someone via the Web site, they probably won't ever know. Sigh.

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Endo Family said...

HAHAHA! Typical DC!